Target Competition with three cars in the TC3 International Series


Eppan – Target Competition was the first team to confirm its participation in the new launched TC3 International Series. The team from Southtyrol will compete in the TC3 International Series with three Seat Leon Cup Racer, already used in the 2014 Seat Leon Eurocup champagne.
“Its fantastic to be one of the Teams in the TC3 Series. We was from beginning on part of this project and the collaboration with Marcello Lotti is perfect.“, said Teammanager Andreas Gummerer.

The provisional calendar of the TC3 International Series it will consist of twelve race weekends within Formula One Grand Prix at Malaysia, China and Singapore.
“For sure the championship will be very competitive, but we are very confident to be strong, considering our experience with the car.“, said Andreas Gummerer.

In addition of the TC3 Series the team still remain in the Seat Leon Eurocup, confirming plans to field four cars under the Target Competition banner.