Weekend to forget for Target Competition at Zandvoort

Two fifth Position for Dusan Borkovic in Race 1 and Kris Richard in Race 2 was the best results for the Target Competition Driver in Zandvoort.  Bad luck also for Reece Barr. The Irishman locked wheels with the rival Hyundai of M1RA driver Daniel Nagy on the way to Turn 1 and launched across the track into the barriers on the left side of the track, with the front of his car taking the brunt of the impact. The car was irreparable for race 2.
Part of the disaster Weekend was also the current BOP.  

“The compensation weight of 20-30kg doesn’t affect the car so much, it’s the two centimetres that affects the car a lot when you’re basically driving an SUV. We was already slower on the straight before Zandvoort, now we have no Change anymore ,” said Borkovic.